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In September, Compass Languages gathered translations resources from across the globe at their inaugural International Production Summit in Córdoba, Argentina. The event showcased Compass’ global diversity of Project Managers, Program Managers, and Engineers spread across six countries. Translation Back Office, located in Córdoba, hosted the conference and provided much of the logistical support for the attendees and the event.

Argentina Summit

The theme of the Summit was focused on the one attribute that sets apart great Project Managers from those mired in mediocrity – an abundance of clear communication. It was acknowledged that this communication skill is expressed in different styles depending upon the audience: new client, legacy client, vendors, and peers. Yet, for all audiences, the same Compass’ core values of service, respect, collaboration, enthusiasm, and most of all integrity, must be the foundation of how we choose to express ourselves.

Within multiple scenarios, the group of production specialists had the opportunity to practice not only communication skills but also the art of problem-solving. The group tackled issues surrounding the preparation for launch of services to a large enterprise client. The group also engaged in exercises to develop communication skills and ask clear and strategic questions which led to ideas and concepts that were extremely useful.

Gary Schulties, President of Compass Languages acted as facilitator for the group. Mr. Schulties led discussions on company growth, career opportunities, infrastructure improvements, and the excitement surrounding the company’s flagship brand, Global eLearning. With the company experiencing steep growth in both 2019 and 2020, take-aways from the summit will be implemented in the organization and provide expanded opportunities for individuals within the organization as well.

When individuals descend upon the beautiful country of Argentina from Asia, Europe, and from other parts of the Americas, with the intent of spending quality time together both professionally and socially, the outcome is not so difficult to predict. Gary Schulties commented, “We watched a group of diverse and international individuals practice the art of teamwork to its highest form. Our goal was to provide a setting for the collaboration of ideas and development of key processes. I believe we surpassed this goal since the entire group of participants were immediately asking when we could do this again!”

The Summit’s incredible success was the result of many weeks of preparation. To this end, the company is indebted to Charles Campbell and his staff at Translation Back Officewho executed dinners, hotels, transportation, and an excursion outside of Cordoba for the entire team on Saturday afternoon.

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