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Perhaps it was divine intervention or random genius, but a bold idea came out of a particular sales/marketing discussion within our company six weeks ago. Reflecting on many virtual conferences during 2020, we unexpectedly agreed on one outcome of all conferences thus far: how to take the right defensive measures. Whether the threat is a global pandemic, community/social unrest, or a contentious political battle in an election year, the country’s circumstances have been consistently described as “these challenging times” – a phrase that alone creates fatigue! Worse, anecdotes in these conferences consistently centered on how to simply survive. We believe these challenging times inspires hope and so the discussion evolved.

Our team was craving a new perspective, so the idea of a conference emphasizing “hope” was spawned. So, we set our sights on something too big for us – an all-day global conference penciled in for Tuesday, November 10, 2020. The timing of this conference is important – exactly one week after a U.S. presidential election. Why this date? Challenging times inspires hope! And, regardless of the outcome, we will likely all be needing a strong dose of hope.

Our plan for this conference was to invite executives and thought-leaders to tell their stories of hope – why they believe the trials and tribulations of 2020 will make us a stronger and prepare us for some real opportunity and prosperity going forward. Part of the genesis of this dream was a large client of ours who suddenly declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy over a weekend during May 2020. Yet, through a Zoom conversation with an SVP of the company later that week, we heard a magnificent story of hope that this company shared about its future, despite its financial ruin. The story of Skillsoft in 2020 is now one of our keynote presentations on November 10 because of that amazing attitude and perspective.

The New Era of eLearning Conference has a subtitle that carries the theme, “Stories that Shape our Future.” It is the challenging times, the tough times, that force us to think innovatively, creatively, and boldly. These are the times when we grasp the true elements of success and test our real core values. Our speakers will share stories of pressing on with determination, innovation, and hope.

We believe the rest of this decade can and will inspire hope – a very different story than the year 2020, for many.  With humility and gratitude to all of our speakers, the hope for the November 10 has sparked a lot of interest. Need a little hope and inspiration?  Join us at the Global eLearning Conference on November 10!

stories that inspire hope

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