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Extensive Government Past Performance

For almost 20 years, a core service of Compass Languages has been content translation. We have delivered well over 20,000 such projects involving over 200 languages and dialects. The federal government – with over 50 agencies represented – has been responsible for pushing us as a company into new solutions and establishing new capabilities for almost 15 years.


4-8 hour turnarounds for translation requiring linguistic teams to be on-call and ready.

Exotic Languages & Dialects

As an example, translation and voice recordings created in (9) distinct Mayan dialects spoken in Central America.

U.S.-Based Resources

All resources are contributing to projects: linguists, DTP, voice artists, and engineers complete with I.D. proof.


(Section 508) compliance with delivered content in many file types.

Secure Operation

DFAR compliant process and annual independent security audits.

Compass Capabilities

  • Translations in > 200 languages in any format
  • An ISO 9001:2015 program that includes a 7-step Q.A. process to produce the best translation
  • Glossary and Translation Memory (T.M.) Maintenance and Applications
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services
  • Accessibility compliance (Section 508, WCAG 2.1) for many formats
  • CMS/LMS Integration competency
  • Capabilities to provide translations within authoring tools, website formats, software applications, CAD, videos, and most other media
  • Secure Portals available for receiving, delivering, and storing files

Trust the Human Touch at Compass Languages

Translation processes have been evolving over the past few years, with three main categories becoming more standard: 100% human TEP, machine translation with human post-editing (NMT/PE), and transcreation. There are applications for all three methodologies, but expectations for output and price need to be aligned. Compass has plenty of experience and gladly will provide the pros and cons of each.

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