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Authentic Localization™

While simple translation may work well for some applications, localization is required when audience comprehension, compliance, specific outcomes, and/or local relevance are desired. Compass Languages understands the complexities and challenges of localization.

Ever-changing technology increases the expectations and demand for fast and accurate translation and localization services. Compass has unique processes for going beyond standalone translation. In a world where a company’s reputation hangs in the balance, an Authentic LocalizationTM process prevails in delivering content transformed for a culture/language with relevance, audience engagement, and desired outcomes.

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Tremendous Time and Resources Are Committed to Developing Source Content

  • Advertising, Branding & Marketing,
  • Websites & e-commerce platforms,
  • Corporate policy, protocols, and processes,
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Learning & Development

Yet, when this content needs to be consumed by a larger, global audience, businesses (and many other Language Service Providers) may struggle with the intricacies of the process. The industry-wide challenge is the accuracy and consumption of the newly translated content. Often the creator of the source content is tasked with ensuring the translated content is accurate and effective for an audience halfway across the world, with language, customs, and cultural nuances. If the material is particularly complex, the desired outcomes (i.e., implementation of a new protocol, policy, or guideline) may be far from the original intent.

Real World Examples of How We Can Help

Example:  A Fortune 100 company had (40) eLearning modules that they wanted to be localized into Japanese to be used to train their salespeople in Japan. Compass, through its Global eLearning division, discovered in its localization process that the sales methodologies espoused in the source content were not aligned with how Japan actually wanted to train its staff. Compass then coordinated adjustments in the source content before the investment of localizing the content into Japanese. Without this critical adjustment, the completed Japanese versions would have been rejected by the Sales leadership in Japan.

Authentic Localization™ Is a Process That Provides

More importantly, our proprietary Authentic Localization™ process helps ensure that the time and resources dedicated to localization projects will create the desired outcomes.

Real-World Solutions

During COVID-19, the task was clear: Disseminate life-threatening information to a global audience, quickly and effectively. We helped our clients clearly communicate with their employees, customers, and target audience across the globe. For one client, we disseminated new COVID-19 Workplace Safety Guideline Videos, localized for multiple languages, with voiceover artists in just seven days. This is the kind of response and effectiveness our clients have come to rely on from Compass Languages.

Compass Languages’ Array of Services

Compass Languages is your strategic business partner for global localization services. We help you maximize engagement, communicate and deliver content effectively, ensure outcomes, and ensure the highest level of communication to your global audience. Our team serves as a compass to guide your team to the highest return on investment. Let us help your business grow globally!

Website Localization
eLearning Localization
Multimedia Localization
Other Services

Reap the Benefits of Authentic Localization™

When you need more nuance than typical translation services, localization is the language solution for you. At Compass Languages, we specialize in premier localization services for companies across the United States. Whether you run a family-owned business or Fortune 100 company, our team of expert linguists can adapt your content to nearly any foreign market. Our Authentic Localization™ process is designed to create content that protects and enhances your reputation on the world stage. Whenever you need reliable language solutions, our Annapolis, MD-based team should be your go-to.

What Is Localization?

Localization is closely related to translation, but these terms are not interchangeable. While translation only involves adapting a text to another language, localization encompasses all elements of a marketing campaign or product. You might request localization services to modify images, adapt video, convert currency, and change date formats. Localization goes a long way to helping consumers in your target market better engage with your material. After all, foreign audiences won’t be able to enjoy your products and services if they’re not available in their language or marketed according to their customs. The team at Compass Languages will help you properly optimize your content for different cultures.

Take Advantage of These Localization Services

At Compass Languages, we take pride in offering comprehensive localization services. No matter your need, we’re here to help your business grow on a global scale. Whether you’re outsourcing operations or looking to sell your products overseas, we have a language solution for you. Consider these localization services for your organization:


Make your online presence accessible to people who speak different languages and identify with other cultures.


Ensure your employees in other nations are receiving proper training. Our localization services develop training materials that fit different cultures' languages, values, and customs.


Images and videos are a staple of marketing campaigns. However, they don't work if your customers don't understand the language. We'll help you adapt your content to foreign markets.

What to Expect from Compass Languages‘s Team

When you invest in language solutions, you want a trusted partner you can count on for quality translation and impeccable localization. With Compass Languages, you get just that. We have decades of experience helping companies grow globally, and we’re excited to assist you as well. Our team has expertise in advertising campaigns, corporate policy, regulatory requirements, learning and development, ecommerce, and much more.

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