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Solving the Complexities of Multimedia Localization

A professional new language version of a multimedia product involves the contributions of several specialists. Compass integrates all of these within one seamless process so that our clients can expect a professional product right first time.

  • Voice artists (in all languages) with studio equipment
  • Engineers for video adaptations – speed variations
  • Synchronizers of audio with text and special effects, phrase-synching, lip-synching
  • Text-to-Speech post-editors to assure clarity of annunciation
  • Transcribers (including time-stamping)
  • Instructional Designers for authoring tool adjustments, interactivity, and LMS functionality

Multimedia Solutions with Compass Languages

As our global audience engages more and more with eLearning, social media, videos, and gaming platforms, the evolution of multimedia has taken center stage. Multimedia localization immerses a global audience through locally relevant images, avatars, subtitles, graphics, audio, and video components. Compass Languages is a leader in multimedia localization. We provide multimedia localization services for:

Learning & Development
eLearning Modules (Authoring Tools)
Gaming & Simulations

Real-World Solutions

Compass Languages provides Real World Solutions. Here are a few recent client examples:

  • Information Security Storyline presentation involving (10) languages, each with post-edited TTS voices.
  • Web-based infomercial (video) with (7) distinct Spanish human voice artists
  • e-commerce global rollout of 90-minute presentation involving (7) languages completed in three weeks.
  • COVID-19 video in (10) languages, including Accessibility requirement (WCAG 2.1), completed in one week.
  • Major motorcycle series of infomercials in (6) languages – “quite professionally done!”

Fast, Comprehensive Multimedia Solutions

Our 2700+ linguists and engineers are adept at localizing multimedia for your intended audience and desired outcomes. Our Authentic Localization™ process and ISO 9001:2015 processes ensure that quality and efficacy are paramount.

We take pride in our ability to provide fast service, a comprehensive analysis of all components, and a finished product that ensures your desired outcomes. Contact Compass Languages for a consultation on your multimedia localization project.

Localizing Your Multimedia Materials

A lot of expertise goes into translating textual documents. But what happens when you need multimedia materials translated? Perhaps you want to optimize video for a new market in China, or maybe you’re looking to adapt a presentation to your employees in Spain. Whatever the case, Compass Languages is here to help you create professional, localized multimedia. With over 2,700 linguists and engineers ready to assist, we can localize your content for the intended audience. Our Annapolis, MD-based company works with clients throughout the United States, developing exceptional multimedia that help you succeed as you expand your operations into different languages and cultures.

Our Multimedia Services

At Compass Languages, we take pride in our comprehensive multimedia solutions. We understand each business we work with has unique needs, and we strive to meet all your expectations. Whether you plan to adapt your social media presence to a global audience, or your video content could use the help of a professional linguist, our team has you covered. Ask us about localizing the following:


Social media platforms are an excellent way to communicate with your audience. That is if they understand the language you speak. We'll adapt your content to foreign markets.


Training modules often include photos, video, and more to assist in the learning process. Our team will ensure all aspects of your eLearning content is localized for the target area.


The team at [site-options field=privacy_company_name] can adapt your videos for speakers of other languages using subtitles and other techniques.


If your business involves gaming or simulation software, we can help. Our team has the expertise to localize this content for nearly any target audience.


Share your PowerPoint presentations with the world when you utilize our translation and localization services. We'll ensure every aspect of your presentation is adapted.

What to Expect from Compass Languages

Our clients expect great things from our seasoned team. Our linguists have years of experience and numerous successful projects under their belts. Each multimedia project we undertake involves several specialists, all working toward giving you the best product possible. Our top-of-the-line studio equipment, voice artists, engineers, transcribers, and instructional designers all play a crucial role in creating professional localized content that will help your business or organization succeed on the world stage.

Solving Your Problems in Real-Time

Circumstances can change in an instant. Whether it’s a computer crash or a global pandemic, our team strives to be prepared. We work with clients to problem-solve, communicate, and return to business as usual. In the past, we’ve assisted companies with global ecommerce, infomercials, and localized accessibility requirements. To meet the needs of your global workforce, a global audience, or a diverse local audience, you can trust that Compass Languages can help you find the appropriate language solution.

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