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In 2001, our company was created to simply bridge the communication divide between the sole business and social language of English used by U.S. businesses and the burgeoning Spanish-speaking population that was becoming a popular target for labor, goods, and services. “Hispanic Compass” was created by founder Leo Brenninkmeyer to fill a need for businesses to capitalize on the purchasing power of native Spanish-speakers who were then approaching 10% of the U.S. population and to the 20 countries that call Spanish their native tongue. The word “compass” implied a much larger meaning than just Spanish translation and interpreting services. Leo’s desire was a relevant communication bridge that allowed two cultures to genuinely learn and understand each other. With that mission in mind, services were gradually added that brought HR services, marketing guidance, employee recruitment, and ESL training to local businesses.

By 2005, the Company started expanding its scope of languages, partly because of the demand of its commercial and new Government clients, and partly because of maturing processes that assured quality when scaled to dozens and eventually hundreds of other languages. Professional linguists, who form the backbone of our services, were abundant in the Washington DC area and new web-based marketplaces made it easier to find and connect with thousands of in-country linguists around the world. Our name was changed to “Compass Languages” to reflect the broader scope of languages, dialects and cultures.

Embracing the challenge to find new solutions. In this same time period, companies such as Cingular Wireless (now AT&T) and Goodyear were more than just clients wanting document translations, they pushed our company to expand into turnkey solutions. Gradually our team of employees discovered that we actually enjoyed learning new tools and service applications. Transcription, voice recordings, media localization, conference interpreting – communication challenges existed in all mediums. This culture of learning and development attracted very intelligent and gifted individuals who were not afraid to immerse themselves into new technologies.

An internal Compass. Like every small business, Compass Languages has faced its share of huge new opportunities and then equally large setbacks and losses. Both extremes create a pressure on the company’s identity, decision-making, and resolve. In 2006, Leo Brenninkmeyer established this company’s Moral Compass to be used as a rudder for the high seasons and as an anchor during the difficult seasons:

Compass Languages aims to be a profitable company that is a benefit to society through basing its behavior and standards on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.

What does this mean? In daily business dealings this means showing humility, demonstrating integrity, being charitable, honest in all transactions, respectful to others, wise in all dealings, hardworking and turning to God for guidance and strength.

What does this not mean? It does not mean that everybody at Compass Languages is a Christian nor do we impose a specific worldview. Our team is comprised of a dozen different religions, including Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and many others. All hiring is done on the basis of ability, attitude, and a commitment to ethical behavior.

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