ISO 9001 Quality Processes

Our ISO certification is the center-piece of our Compass Languages culture. The standards established and certified in 2010 still govern our beliefs regarding the essential elements of our service.

  • Strict adherence to Quality Processes such that consistency is our reputation
  • Continual Improvement in adapting QC standards to new translation tools
  • Innovation in how we deliver more speed and lower costs to our clients

Rigorous process is critical to consistent quality and on-time delivery.

Each project will go through our 7-Step Quality Control Process. These steps include:


Project Review with Client

Compass Project Manager conducts an on-boarding call with the client to review all project specifics.


Selection of Translation Team

The Project Manager selects and assigns the project to the appropriate translators, transcribers, or interpreter based on language pair, dialect, and subject matter expertise.


Translation with CAT Tool

A Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool and glossary of terms are used to ensure accurate, consistent translations.


Linguistic Quality Review

An independent reviewer proofreads and /or edits the translation against the source file(s).


Confirmation of Review

A lead translator reviews all suggested modifications made and confirms best translation.


Non-Linguistic Quality Review

The Project Manager performs a nonlinguistic quality review of formatting and special instructions


Final Delivery, Glossary Update, TM Update

Once the Project Manager has delivered the project, glossary and TMs are updated.

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