Enterprise Solutions

We are a company that uses the word ”thrill” in our Mission Statement when describing our clients’ myriad of communication challenges. We identify six major categories of services we have provided at the enterprise level – but this is not all that we accomplish for clients. We have assembled a team of thinkers, problem-solvers, who embrace the complexities of ever-changing technologies and the creative genius of professional linguists who happen to expert in subject matters that matter to our clients.

Here are a few challenges that we have engaged in recent months:

  • Random news alerts generated 24/7 at the frequency of 12-18 per day – translate into Japanese within 90 minutes at every occurrence
  • Find and position (3) Thai<>English simultaneous interpreters (within 10-14 days) who understand the mechanics of helicopters and will fly with new pilots for next 5 months.
  • Find DE linguists who can create thousands upon thousands of responses to certain German topics and questions to build database for new commercial voice system.
  • Create new mobile-friendly Storyline presentations (all voice recorded) in 10 Mayan dialects.

Solutions are always a blend of appropriate technologies – not R&D stuff, but dependable databases and analytical tools – and human capital equipped with ample experience to verify output. Our job is to marry the technology and linguistic skill of professionals to create a system that meets turnaround and budgetary constraints.

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