Website Localization

Some say the real work of website localization starts well before the process of translation …

True. But, only if you care about costs and turnaround time.

Asking Compass Languages to become a partner with your web development team early in the process of source content development is …

… the beginning of wisdom, and, lower localization costs.

We get it.

The goal of website localization for many is localizing as many pages of content within a targeted budget. Inviting a Compass Localization Expert into your process early will help achieve a maximum amount of localization for the dollar.

What value do Localization Experts provide?

  • We work within any CMS.
  • Extract content in any format and we will localize that content.
  • Creation of new website with translated content can be our job or yours – we’re flexible.
  • Compass performs all reviews and final adjustments in the demo phase to assure excellent final product.
Get your localized version faster than you imagined

What value do Localization Experts provide?

  • Help determine the strategic number of pages to be localized to meet objectives
  • Assist in defining the target audience
  • Define how many pages will be refreshed and on what frequency (site maintenance costs)
  • Establish parameters for consistently communicating corporate information
  • Show how to avoid culturally-biased photographs, graphics, film clips, and expressions.
  • Explain how to neutralize idioms and expressions designed to generate humor
  • Demonstrate how to plan for text expansion in the new languages
  • Determine if site is capable of handling character sets of foreign languages
  • How to manage layered graphics to ease the complexity of localization
  • Assure that navigation throughout localized site is seamless and user-friendly

That’s all. It’s not a lot of effort, but it certainly makes a difference in the pocket book and calendar later.

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