Compass Languages aims to be a profitable company that is a benefit to society through basing its behavior and standards on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.

What does this mean?

What does this mean? In daily business dealings this means showing humility, demonstrating integrity, being charitable, honest in all transactions, respectful to others, wise in all dealings, hardworking and turning to God for guidance and strength.

What does this not mean? It does not mean that everybody at Compass Languages is a Christian nor do we impose a specific worldview. Our team is made up of over a dozen different religions, including Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and many others. All hiring is done on the basis of ability, attitude, and a commitment to ethical behavior.

Mission Statement

At the end of 2012, an executive management team met for a weekend to hammer out a guiding philosophy, a mantra, for how our company’s past experiences, mission, and current identity should be manifest in a statement that provides guidance for future relevancy and sustainability:

We exist for the thrill of discovering new solutions to challenging global communication problems that make people’s lives easier, more successful, and more enjoyable.

This statement was the company’s best effort to capture its history of being agile and fearless in solving its client’s greatest communication needs and being resolute in serving clients by assuming burdens instead of adding them. Admittedly, the word “thrill” is not an emotion readily found when tight deadlines or conflicting client expectations exist! Yet, it is the determination and spirit of innovation that must ultimately prevail in a world constantly evolving in communication style and technology.

Mission Statement Origins

Core Values

Compass Languages has over 225 commercial clients, over a dozen NGO and Non-profit clients, and more than 50 Government Agencies in its current portfolio. Many of our commercial clients fall within the broad verticals of energy, manufacturing, medical, and information systems.

The company’s core values: Integrity, Service, Collaboration, Enthusiasm, and Respect

We believe these values matter. They are referred to in the midst of major decisions and used to self-examine internal and external relationships and conduct. We also realize that we come short of the highest bar in some individual decisions and actions. We are a work in progress.

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