In-country Marketing Support

At Compass Languages, we understand that a sharp marketing message needs to stay sharp in every global market. We don’t just translate your message. We don’t just help you communicate your message. Our job is to help you be relevant, discoverable, and effective in your message. What can Compass Languages provide specifically?

As a few examples …


Marketing slogans

Create the exact slogan in a new language that captures all of the meaning and offends none. In addition, research the target message for conflicts and test the message for effectiveness through focus groups.


Website Reviews

In-country linguists representing the demographics of the target audience will review localized websites and provide an impact assessment in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Combine this exercise with our standard International SEO service, and you will have a robust picture.


Media Outlet Connections

If a Compass client is looking to create news in a target country, we can help with content development and media connections that will bring the news to a broader in-country audience.


Marketing Plan Development

Many of our professional linguists have research and marketing expertise within their culture and perform outstanding market studies to enhance a corporation’s international market plan.

Many other situations and services can be customized to meet a client’s real need and budget. Our network exists in over 75 countries … but even if your need is one of the more remote countries in the world, we will recruit to achieve the results you seek!

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