Localized SEO

It is SEO adapted to specific local languages and markets. SEO needs:

  • A technically sound website

    • Not slow, Not “flashy”
    • Clearly labelled and listed--usability is key!
  • A relevant topic for your audience

    • Don’t try to do all things at once--concise and clear messaging
    • Clearly labelled calls to action, information, Q&A, and other digestible information
  • An on-Page Search Engine Relevance

    • Keywords, metatags, descriptions
  • An off-Page Search Engine Relevance

    • Who links there, what other areas can support the destination?
  • Social Media engagement

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Localized SEO requires additional steps

  • Proper hosting location
  • Research on the use of terminology and key works for the specific local market
  • Culturally appropriate messages and imagery
  • An understanding of local search engines
  • Local search engine analytics (google analytics may be meaningless)
  • Adapting for local offline marketing
  • Proper local links

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