Gary Schulties


  • BSc industrial Engr – Purdue University
  • MBA (Economic Development) – Eastern University
  • (10) years of int’l business development – Belize, Honduras, and Zimbabwe
Why I love my job

There are two reasons I look forward to my day at Compass Languages: (1) we have a very talented group of individuals who do not shy away from challenges; and (2) we work in an industry that requires new communication solutions every day. Two great reasons why our company stays agile and forward-thinking!

What I do extra for our clients

Listen as much as possible. Our clients would like to translate (localize) 100x more content if not for budget constraints and turnaround time. I hear you. My team is working diligently on technologies and process efficiencies so that our clients can reach much greater global audiences within these constraints.

Community/Global Service I respect

Sarah’s House is only one example of many who perform the very hard and tedious work of giving adults a second chance in life. I respect the staff and volunteers who patiently offer care, coaching, and tough love to those who are trying to overcome many years of bad decisions.

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