Conference Interpreting

Compass Languages is the go-to conference partner for turnkey interpreter services both in the USA and around the world. Our experience in organization, negotiations, travel, and life-cycle project management has established us as the vendor who delivers on reliability, professionalism, and affordability.

Client Information Guide for Quote Determination:

  • What languages spoken in the conference audience?
  • What topic or subject matter is the dominant content?
  • Is Simultaneous or Consecutive interpreting support required?
  • How many attendees are expected to need interpreting services?
  • Do you need Compass to provide equipment?
  • How many days is the conference?
  • Will you need interpreters for social gatherings after business hours (evenings, weekends)?
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Interpreting FAQs

Why is Simultaneous Interpreting more expensive than Consecutive?

Simultaneous interpreting is continuous interpreting where the speaker does not break to allow the interpreter to form their thought and then communicate to the audience. Therefore, the interpreter must have a higher command of both languages and superior understanding of the subject matter. In addition, headsets and a control booth with equipment are needed.

Why do Interpreters have strict cancellation policies?

Interpreters are independent contractors in a high-demand field. Once an interpreter accepts an assignment, they forego other opportunities. We work with some of the best interpreters in the industry and based upon the strength of our relationships, we negotiate for the most flexible policy on behalf of our clients.

In which situations do interpreters require a team approach?

In Simultaneous sessions, two interpreters are needed for the entire period. Normally, they will trade off every 20 minutes or so. For consecutive sessions, most interpreters will require a second resource if the session exceeds 2 hours.

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